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Pardon the silence


I am most certainly still here. Since my first pitiful post almost 2 years ago, I have made some changes. Read on.


August - I made my first pattern ever. Then, I decided to make a business. Southern Creed was born.

October - Changed career paths and switched from independent school life to real estate for more flexibility to grow my business.


January - Sold my products to a store for the first time to SoPo in Mid-City New Orleans.

February - Products were first available at Plum Uptown New Orleans.

July - featured one of my pillows in a story. Love the press!

August - Hattie Sparks contacted me about carrying my line.

November - Decided I needed to sell my house and move somewhere with fewer distractions than New Orleans to focus on my business. After Mardi Gras, of course.

December - Highest dollar amount in a day's sales at a holiday trunk show with Bats on Strings. This could really work...


April - House in New Orleans sold and moved to Memphis, Tennessee on April Fool's Day. Seriously.

May - Fleurty Girl began selling some of my products. Realized I can't sew everything anymore. Started looking for manufacturers.

August - Trip to Arkansas to meet with makers. Finally found a producer for the collars and leashes.

September - Largest business expense to date: purchasing silk ties, bow ties, and pocket squares in 8 patterns to start. They are on the web site for preorder, or I'll let you know when they arrive!

October - is tomorrow...

From NOW on I really will post blog entries. Really really. Next time they will probably have pictures. I will be surprised if anyone has read this much. Also, look me up on Instagram @southerncreeddesign for frequent (but not too many) pics. I don't post food or coffee. That's a rule.

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