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Crystal Bridges

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During one of my recent trips to Arkansas for business (and some fun) I took an afternoon to drive to Bentonville to see the Crystal Bridges museum. You may know it as the "Wal-Mart" museum, but that is misleading. It really is more than the sum of its parts, drawing from the setting, art, and architecture that combine to create an experience rather than a visit marked off the to-do list.

There was an incredible exhibition at the time featuring Jamie Wyeth and Andy Warhol. However, what I remember most is spending as much time outside as I did inside since there were trails around the buildings - some with art, others with natural beauty. It's worth making a special trip. It's so rare to visit a collection of its size and scope in a rural setting, and it makes a difference in your experience.

I'll be back, for sure.



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