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My New Favorite Thing: Amurica


Since I moved back to Memphis about 6 months ago, I have been seeing these pictures all over town. My hair salon. My friend's house. Even my parents have one. It's hard to tell where they are taken, but it all became very clear to me last week at the Memphis Flyer's Best of Memphis party where I got one of these photos of my own.

Meet the Amurica Photobooth: . This genius idea is a 1959 teardrop camper outfitted with Christmas lights, props, and even heating and air. It's simple really. You pile in with some friends, grab something (creepy hand, mask, glasses, whatever you fancy), and are guaranteed a great picture. This one happened to mix my new favorite thing with one of my old favorites - that being Raiford's since Paula Raiford herself is pictured at left. Fortunately I was lucky enough to run into the booth a second time in the week outside of Earnestine and Hazel's, but I'm not entirely sure where those photos ended up...

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