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Memphis Music Hall of Fame

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This past Saturday I attended the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony at the Cannon Center downtown. While it is an event that has been held several times, this one made big news for honoring one of the most famous sons of Memphis, Justin Timberlake. As if that weren't enough, he was introduced by Jimmy Fallon AND had several NBA stars like Marc Gasol and Mike Conley in his entourage. My favorite, however, was DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia. Anyway, the city was already electric after the University of Memphis upset Ole Miss in the football game earlier that afternoon, but once Timberlake took the stage it went up no fewer than 10 notches. His speech was incredibly sincere and heartfelt, and he stated that being inducted was "the coolest thing" that has ever happened to him. I believe him. He CRIED. Seriously. He actually teared up during his 30 minute or so speech. The link below will take you to a Choose 901 write up and filming of his speech. It should be required watching for any citizens of Memphis, past or present, and hopefully some future.

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