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After some unsuccessful antique hunting, I decided to turn my efforts toward my parents' house. There are numerous sheds and cabins, and my father has never thrown away anything, so I went out to the far reaches of Shelby county to do some digging.

I feel fortunate the roof didn't collapse on me in this one. I did leave with a 1983 Care Bear cup from Pizza Hut and a Memphis State University (not U of M) beer coozie. No luck other than that.

In another shed I found this piece. My parents, not surprisingly, disagree about its provenance, but fortunately they agree that I can have it. I suspect that it came off a wall, and that the back was added later. It maybe even came from a boat or camper because there is a little hook that fastens to close the door to the front. Regardless, it's mine now.

After a coat of paint...

and some fabric panels I made out of my Cattail design...

the chickens and I approve.

My plan is to use this for displaying my ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Below is an image of how I expect it to work, using whatever I could find and setting it up in the spare bedroom cluttered with boxes of product for the holidays, so I apologize. I think it turned out pretty cool despite a bad photo. Hope to post a pic of it in all its glory at one of my trunk shows soon.


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