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Memphis Escape Rooms

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*Disclaimer - I'm not going to tell you anything to spoil the experience, just basics

A few weeks ago a friend of mine (one much more organized than I am) suggested that we grab a few people and try the Memphis Escape Rooms . It was something that interested me as a huge fan of true crime shows, so I obviously said yes. Upon arrival we were skeptical about going in. Something felt so strange about approaching a common office building after dark, and going down weird side stairs to get locked inside a room. Our curiosity won out, and we went inside.

It turns out that these rooms are EXTREMELY popular, and we could only get a few spots in a room that mixed us with another group. Fortunately, they seemed smart. First we were asked to watch a video about the room challenge we were going to attempt, What's in the Box. It explained that we were looking for clues to open a box left by a wealthy millionaire and examine the contents. After that we went into our room and got to work. Admittedly we could've tried to organize better and use more team-based strategies, but in the end we managed to escape, something the web site says only 29% of the participants do within the hour of allotted time.

PRO TIP - when you finish the challenge, make sure to actually open the door to deactivate the clock. We didn't (we were too busy high fiving each other and jumping up and down), so eventually one of the managers came in to stop it. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and I plan to go back and try Mayflower with another group. Hopefully a friend will again take the initiative and go ahead and book it for us...

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