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Coyotes and other Riverwalk surprises

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Living on the river has had its fair share of surprises, most of them little vignettes I wouldn't experience otherwise. Shelby the dog went rogue the other day and took me all over the cobblestones. Being that close to the water helps you realize how powerful it is. You see the giant metal fixtures that hold boats in place, the collection of driftwood (entire trees, even) that wash up with the current, and watch as barges transport literal tons of weight effortlessly. It is also a reminder of the diverse wildlife that calls the river home. Like coyotes. I saw one of those the other day as well. Keeping my distance, it kept its eyes on me, but relaxed enough to lie on the sidewalk and roll over, scratching its back. That's a move Shelby does, reminding me that somewhere along the way they are cousins. Too distant to say hello, but still related. They say there is the east coast, the west coast, and the gulf (or south, or dirty) coast, but the Mississippi River is our muddy coast. It has helped shape the city, and is worth approaching (from a safe distance) to appreciate.

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