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Golf* is cheaper than yoga

memphis recreation

*at the Memphis Public Links

When I moved back to Memphis, I decided I needed some new activities (read: working from home necessitated other reasons to get outside). I ran down the list of things that were free, cheap, and/or not fattening, and I came up with golf. Now, I know you're thinking the cheap part doesn't fit in, but about 10 years ago I was given a set of clubs, and due to the fact I hadn't played in almost that long, they were in pretty good shape. Also, the Memphis Public Courses

are a steal at $7 for 9 holes, with a $7 cart fee. When I was doing yoga regularly, I often paid $15 for an hour class. My golf game is not so tight that I am in and out in less than 2 hours for sure. Therefore, golf = bargain. You may further think that if I were to have a beer or two while playing, that would break the bank. WRONG. The Memphis public courses are the cheapest bars in town at $2.50 per beer, import or domestic. You heard me right. The Links at Riverside even will give you a six pack cooler and ice for your game. I love that place. Here are some pictures from a nice fall/winter game out there. One drawback to playing golf at this time of year, especially if you're as inexperienced as I am, is that when you miss the fairway you can have a hard time locating your ball in the deep leaves. Regardless, it is a good time.

Love the gates outside. Hate that the picture is terrible.

Club house. There is a back porch with patio furniture for when the weather is nice.

They offer foot golf as well. Not entirely sure how it works.

It is still Memphis, after all.

Yes, this made me laugh, but it really is a good deal for someone like me who loses at least 2 balls a game. Don't buy new. Recycle.

Lots of trees around. See? It is a pretty course.

You can even catch a glimpse of the river. Granted, it is a little more industrial this side, but it is nice to see.


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