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Before and after!

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Hello all! I kept one of my promises: I opened on October 21 for River Arts Fest. The one that fell away was posting weekly about progress, but things started moving so fast near the end that there was no time.

The photo on the left was taken September 16, 2016 and the one on the right was taken October 21, 2016. That's exactly 5 weeks to make this total transformation and open the doors. See more photos below, or come visit me! Also, coming soon I will have a Google Business View visible online. It is like Streetview but indoors!

I used old wood golf clubs to display the neckties, and the tray with the pocket squares is from my grandfather's dental office.

A pallet made a perfect choice for the bow ties. The edges are sanded to prevent snagging.

Like many of the furnishings in the shop this piece has a history. This table was once my grandmother's, and then served as the breakfast table in my house in New Orleans, and is now a part of my store. Rug also was formerly in my living room.

Collars and leashes go well on the racks that insert into the wall. I'm glad my landlord is organized and kept all the pieces.

Here is a table that was repurposed from old barge board and brackets that were in my house in New Orleans. It holds gift wrap and key chains.

It's pretty cute, no? Not too cute I hope.

An ENORMOUS thank you to all who have come to visit. It is really humbling for people to stop by and show their support.


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