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CBS Sunday Morning

bow tie CBS CBS Sunday Morning Charles Osgood fan art pocket square

Those of you who know me probably have heard me talk about my love for the show CBS Sunday Morning. This past weekend the long time host Charles Osgood retired. I have really enjoyed his calm voice, dapper accessories, and occasional singing and piano playing. In fact, the only person I would rather hear on Sunday mornings is Morgan Freeman*, but I think he is busy with other projects.

CBS put out a call for bow tie and Charles fan art, and I happily obliged. Originally I wrote to ask if I could send him a few bow ties that I designed. Expecting to never hear back I was very surprised to get an email from a Senior Producer (gulp) telling me to send them to another (3 time Emmy-winning) Producer (gasp). I put together a package full of bow ties and pocket squares, and then created a graphic of his face surrounded by my products radiating out like the sun (which is the CBS Sunday Morning logo) to act as stationery for a letter I wrote to him.

I was very happy to see that my fan art made it on the show! He didn't wear one of my designs on camera, but the bow tie he did have on was the CBS logo and will be going to the Smithsonian Museum for their permanent collection, so I cannot be too upset. I'm still holding out hope for an autographed picture of him to hang in my office...

See below for pics of the package and the graphic I made. CBS even posted it to their web page - - and linked to my web site. It was very cool to see as a top referrer for my web site.

*Please note that I am happy for Jane Pauley to take over for Charles. Her voice is pretty good, too.

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