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Hi! You wanna be my intern? Do you know someone who might?

Are you interested in working for a new lifestyle boutique on South Main in downtown Memphis, TN?

We make our own patterns that are Southern-inspired: bacon, cotton, catfish, crawfish, okra, and everything in between. Then we have them manufactured into a variety of things to sell. We’ve been online and wholesale for a few years and have recently opened a retail shop in downtown Memphis. This is where you come in, if you are so inclined. We have this well-received product that we’d like to get to more people. We would like to provide an ambitious student, preferably with an interest in marketing and public relations, the opportunity to put some real-life practical experience under his or her belt and perhaps continue as a full-time paid employee if this is a mutually beneficial match.

The ideal candidate…

Is in college or grad school and can commit to 15-20 hours a week (I'm flexible)


Is interested in coming up with special events and collaborations


Can help get press for the store and events


Can strengthen my social media presence both in content and followers


Would help me analyze trends and come up with actionable recommendations for how to capitalize on them


Will help me put together a plan for promotions, outside shows, and scheduled communication broken into things I should do each day, week, month, and year


*I'm not looking for someone to work in the store when I'm gone. What I need is someone to work on a few creative projects for me while I focus on shop operations. If I ever were to ask you (and I mean ask) to work in the shop, I would determine some kind of compensation. I'm not trying to get free labor. PROMISE.


Does this interest you? Send me your resume and a short (really short) cover letter to 


I hope to be in touch soon. Thank you for your time.

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