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Yes, you read that correctly. If you can’t tell from my posts, I’ve been pretty sweet on Memphis and the things that are happening here these days. The city is getting a lot of attention, and because of that there are opportunities for things to happen that wouldn’t have been feasible 10 years ago. For example, after a trip all the way from Australia to the Czech Republic, France, England, Finland, etc., Amanda Parer’s Intrude came for a spell to the Brooks Museum. You may know it as the bunnies, which is pretty accurate, but it is more than that. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the up to 23’ tall inflatable rabbits on the lawn outside of the museum, but the message behind the piece is hidden by the cuteness. Sure, you can’t help but want to approach the adorable creatures, but it turns out that in Parer’s native Australia rabbits have an unchecked population and, despite their appearance, have caused disastrous problems for the natural ecosystem. It’s pretty smart to draw someone in with the promise of frolicking amongst furry creatures to then hit them with her message. You definitely catch more flies with honey than vinegar.



I went twice: once during the day and the other at dark. The second time was the night before the exhibition closed, and I saw a security guard standing back and watching. I asked him what he thought about it, and he said it was great. He mentioned that an elderly lady who lives nearby said that it brought her much happiness to look out her window and see the bunnies and the people interacting with them. Regardless of the actual message, that is a pretty remarkable outcome.


Now that her work is on my radar, I’ll be searching for future installations. I would love to welcome her work back to Memphis. Judging from posts, social and traditional media, news coverage, and simply what I saw with my own eyes, it appeared to be a success. To whom it may concern, thanks for bringing it here.



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