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A few months ago I applied to a program called MEMShop ( which provides services and rent subsidies to small businesses seeking to open retail locations. I had thought about it for a time, since some of my products are still sold only direct and not wholesale because of the huge cost to make them, but I was discouraged by the long commercial leases of 3 - 5 years. Under this program, I will be able to lease a space for 6 months to 1 year instead, while I determine if I want to go ahead with keeping a retail location. I am VERY excited for this opportunity and will definitely keep you all updated! I have so many ideas. It is probably time to take up Pinterest again...

All 3 of the businesses chosen will open at the same time in the same general area, around Film Row or South Main downtown. We are planning for the opening event to be in late September or October, but it is still TBD. Once I have the location set, I will take pics and show all the progress here and on Facebook and Instagram. Please come see us!

This is just a quick Photoshop image (I know, it's not my best work) of some of my products inside a local storefront. That particular place has already been rented to someone else, but I'm hoping for something similar.


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