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Stevie Nicks Concert

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I’ve been struggling with what I want to write about seeing Stevie Nicks in concert. I know it sounds lame, and that I should just give a brief synopsis, but I was surprised how much it affected me. Maybe it was whatever was in the backpack margaritas I bought, but I think it was something else.


Seriously, the guy had his marg supply strapped to his back and it flowed out of a tube.


To start, it was a nice surprise to get to see Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders as an opener. She was wearing a Shangri La Records t shirt and Memphis could really feel the love. Plus, her bassist and guitarist looked nearly identical both to each other and a musician I made out with a few years ago…just saying.


Before I got there, I kept saying “I don’t really want to see Stevie Nicks, I want to see Fleetwood Mac.” However, it became clear fast that Stevie really holds her own. I didn’t realize she wrote a lot of her songs, and she prefaced many of them with stories about them. Gold Dust Woman? About a drug addict that used to hang out at a place she went and ask her for money. Did y’all know that? Makes SO MUCH SENSE when you think about it.


Her stage intensified the atmosphere. It was basically giant screens that showed different images depending on the song. Some of them were literal, and others more abstract. I won’t post them all because I want you to be as awestruck as I was when I saw them.

Ok. So the first time I cried it was over a song she wrote about New Orleans. It wasn’t so much that song, but my memories of living there that got me. I tell people I miss it like a person. It’s the closest I can get to describing it. New Orleans is like an ex-boyfriend I still love. There is a reason we are not together though, and I have to remind myself of that.

The second time I cried was over Landslide. Yes, I had always liked the song, but it was far from my favorite. She talked about where she was (in life and geographically) when she wrote it, and it struck me how she was 17 looking into this giant life she didn’t even know yet. And then of course I started thinking about the seasons of my own life in a way I never had before. I guess now that I have actually had some experiences, as opposed to being a young girl who just thought she had, it made me emotional. Let’s be clear for those of you who don’t know me personally; I’m not much of a crier.


Regardless, I am very glad I got to see her and hear her, and even though Lindsay Buckingham wasn’t there I am not mad about it at all. I’ll just put him on my live music list by himself. I need to make sure and keep chipping away at it, but Dolly and Stevie are a pretty good start.

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