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What's Happening — DIY

Crafting at Green Acres

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Sometimes I housesit at what I call Green Acres, which is my parents' land. Usually when I'm there I spend my time on nature walks with Shelby the dog, refrigerator and pantry diving, watching hours of television, swimming (weather permitting), and doing small projects. I had been thinking a long time about casting a nest in resin after taking a short workshop about it at the National Ornamental Metal Museum , when I used feathers. I wrote about it here. On one of the aforementioned walks I spied a lovely, small, *abandoned*  nest. They are easy to spot in the...

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Window dressing

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I know I am new to shop ownership, but one of the things I am most excited about is the dedicated time to craft my windows. Although I may tire of it eventually, right now I am thrilled at the possibilities. I spent the last few days making Thanksgiving (transitioning into holiday) windows, and I thought you might want to see what I did and how I did it. I used what I had on hand: a roll of brown kraft paper, twine, envelopes, plain white paper, watercolor, fabric scraps, and colored pencils. And lots of tape... I wanted a...

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Week 3.5

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I debated not doing a post this week because so much of the work has been behind the scenes: setting up the alarm system, ordering more product, getting insurance, and most of the things I saved for next to last since I didn't really want to do them. However, progress has been made for sure, and that better be the case because I officially open one week from today. I really should have taken pictures of the spare room so that you could see the difference in having it crammed with work and now, with a large portion of it...

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Week one progress

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I would like to start with just a little piece of advice. If you're ever thinking about painting a room red, please rethink it. Not just for yourself, but for the next person who may want to paint it and will have to prime 2 coats first. In all seriousness, color theory states that red advances toward you, making it very easy to see. That is why stop lights and stop signs, buttons on remotes, warning labels, etc. are red. It gets attention, and for me I wanted my products to get more attention than the walls, so I decided...

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After some unsuccessful antique hunting, I decided to turn my efforts toward my parents' house. There are numerous sheds and cabins, and my father has never thrown away anything, so I went out to the far reaches of Shelby county to do some digging. I feel fortunate the roof didn't collapse on me in this one. I did leave with a 1983 Care Bear cup from Pizza Hut and a Memphis State University (not U of M) beer coozie. No luck other than that. In another shed I found this piece. My parents, not surprisingly, disagree about its provenance, but...

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