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What's Happening — Elvis

Guest House at Graceland

Christmas Elvis graceland guesthouse Inspiration Memphis recreation TCB

This year (as with many of the ones that come as you age) I wasn’t particularly excited about my birthday. I am not a birthday Scrooge or anything, but I did not really want to do much besides hang out with Shelby since I was coming off of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday as a new retailer. That was until a friend suggested we visit the Guest House at Graceland. YES! It has been open just a few months, if that, and has been long awaited in the neighborhood. Now, those of you who read this blog know...

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Window dressing

craft DIY downtownmemphis Elvis Inspiration Memphis memshop southmain store TCB upcycle

I know I am new to shop ownership, but one of the things I am most excited about is the dedicated time to craft my windows. Although I may tire of it eventually, right now I am thrilled at the possibilities. I spent the last few days making Thanksgiving (transitioning into holiday) windows, and I thought you might want to see what I did and how I did it. I used what I had on hand: a roll of brown kraft paper, twine, envelopes, plain white paper, watercolor, fabric scraps, and colored pencils. And lots of tape... I wanted a...

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Week 3.5

901rocks DIY downtownmemphis Elvis Memphis memshop riverartsfest shelbythedog southmain store TCB upcycle

I debated not doing a post this week because so much of the work has been behind the scenes: setting up the alarm system, ordering more product, getting insurance, and most of the things I saved for next to last since I didn't really want to do them. However, progress has been made for sure, and that better be the case because I officially open one week from today. I really should have taken pictures of the spare room so that you could see the difference in having it crammed with work and now, with a large portion of it...

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Whitehaven Adventures part 2

Elvis Inspiration memphis recreation

So, my last post I talked about why not to go to Graceland in Whitehaven. This post, I will tell you how much I love Graceland, and I just went again. The first time was for a field trip in the fourth grade. Yes, it was an official school trip. I remember it better than any other field trips (with the exception maybe of the one where we went to a potato chip factory) and by age 10 had already checked off something on the bucket list of thousands of people all over the world. I have been at least...

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Whitehaven Adventures Part 1

BBQ Elvis golf memphis outdoors recreation

Most people (well, most Memphians) probably know that the main attraction in Whitehaven is Graceland. While this is true (and you can read all about Graceland in my next post), there are certainly other things to do there besides go to the home of Elvis Presley. I grew up going to Whitehaven because my grandparents lived on Elvis Presley Blvd, directly across from the Dodge's Store. After my dad's parents left Drew, Mississippi where my grandfather was the dentist at Parchman (yes, the penitentiary) they moved to Memphis and he opened up his dental practice in the basement of his...

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