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Film Row Pop Up

downtownmemphis filmrow memfix memphis memshop popup

Here are a few pictures from the weekend pop up event on Film Row. The newly paved streets look so much better, and I love the brightly-painted crosswalks. The strip has such potential. The vestiges of its time as a movie distribution hub remain in subtle details like Metro Goldwyn Mayer in the pediment above a doorway. I met a lot of lovely people and had a great time. Looking forward to seeing these folks in my shop in the coming weeks.  

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MEMFix Film Row!

centralbbq downtownmemphis filmrow makedascookies memfix memphis memphisfarmersmarket memshop nationalcivilrightsmuseum phillipashley popup southmain tapbox

As you know Southern Creed has been chosen as one of the next shops in the MEMShop program to open a storefront in the coming weeks. A part of that is participating in a pop up to announce my business at the MEMFix event on Saturday, September 24th from 11-5. MEMFix is an organization that seeks to revitalize neighborhoods by engaging the communities surrounding them and improving the area with things from bike lanes to retail business. This will be its 7th incarnation, and will take place on Film Row, named for its earlier use as a distribution hub for...

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