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Big River Crossing

bigrivercrossing bridge Inspiration Memphis mississippiriver recreation

Yesterday I attempted the Big River Crossing for the second time. The first try I had my dog with me, and the mile long grate walkway was just too much for her. She army crawled about 1/8th of the way (which was admirable considering that she jumps over grates on the sidewalk) and when I realized it wasn’t going to get better and stopped, she pulled me right onto solid ground in about a minute. So, this time I decided to go it alone. Alone is actually inaccurate as I saw many people out there. I didn’t know what to...

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Chickasaw Heritage Park

memphis mississippiriver outdoors recreation

Adjacent to the National Ornamental Metal Museum is the Chickasaw Heritage Park, which I had no idea existed until I saw it when I visited the museum last week. I determined that it was worth investigating at a later date, and a few days after I suited up Shelby the Dog and headed over. Immediately at the corner of the park you see the statue of a Native American woman. Her back has what I think are the names of several tribes that lived in the area inscribed on it. It's easy to forget our Native American heritage in this...

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Mississippi River flooding 2016

flood memphis mississippiriver

Anyone living along the Mississippi River has heard that it has been on the rise for the last few weeks. Here are a few photos I took that show it around its crest - one of the 10 highest on record - at about 39.5 feet. The city removed transformers along the water at Tom Lee Park to keep them away from encroaching floodwaters.

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Coyotes and other Riverwalk surprises

memphis mississippiriver outdoors

Living on the river has had its fair share of surprises, most of them little vignettes I wouldn't experience otherwise. Shelby the dog went rogue the other day and took me all over the cobblestones. Being that close to the water helps you realize how powerful it is. You see the giant metal fixtures that hold boats in place, the collection of driftwood (entire trees, even) that wash up with the current, and watch as barges transport literal tons of weight effortlessly. It is also a reminder of the diverse wildlife that calls the river home. Like coyotes. I saw...

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