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Crafting at Green Acres

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Sometimes I housesit at what I call Green Acres, which is my parents' land. Usually when I'm there I spend my time on nature walks with Shelby the dog, refrigerator and pantry diving, watching hours of television, swimming (weather permitting), and doing small projects. I had been thinking a long time about casting a nest in resin after taking a short workshop about it at the National Ornamental Metal Museum , when I used feathers. I wrote about it here. On one of the aforementioned walks I spied a lovely, small, *abandoned*  nest. They are easy to spot in the...

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Whitehaven Adventures Part 1

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Most people (well, most Memphians) probably know that the main attraction in Whitehaven is Graceland. While this is true (and you can read all about Graceland in my next post), there are certainly other things to do there besides go to the home of Elvis Presley. I grew up going to Whitehaven because my grandparents lived on Elvis Presley Blvd, directly across from the Dodge's Store. After my dad's parents left Drew, Mississippi where my grandfather was the dentist at Parchman (yes, the penitentiary) they moved to Memphis and he opened up his dental practice in the basement of his...

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Chickasaw Heritage Park

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Adjacent to the National Ornamental Metal Museum is the Chickasaw Heritage Park, which I had no idea existed until I saw it when I visited the museum last week. I determined that it was worth investigating at a later date, and a few days after I suited up Shelby the Dog and headed over. Immediately at the corner of the park you see the statue of a Native American woman. Her back has what I think are the names of several tribes that lived in the area inscribed on it. It's easy to forget our Native American heritage in this...

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Arkansas trip

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I've been busy lately. Some business. Some pleasure. Fortunately I've done a little traveling. My Australian friend came to visit and we decided to head over to Arkansas for a few days. I found a great cabin in the middle of nowhere, yet centrally located to some fun spots to explore. We stayed in one of these and it had everything we could possibly need to entertain ourselves for a couple of days. This particular visitor happens to be a rock scientist, so we made our way to the Crater of Diamonds state park to try our hand at...

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Coyotes and other Riverwalk surprises

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Living on the river has had its fair share of surprises, most of them little vignettes I wouldn't experience otherwise. Shelby the dog went rogue the other day and took me all over the cobblestones. Being that close to the water helps you realize how powerful it is. You see the giant metal fixtures that hold boats in place, the collection of driftwood (entire trees, even) that wash up with the current, and watch as barges transport literal tons of weight effortlessly. It is also a reminder of the diverse wildlife that calls the river home. Like coyotes. I saw...

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