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What's Happening — recreation

Shout out from Choose901!

choose901 downtownmemphis Memphis popup recreation retail southmain southmainartsdistrict southmainmarket thingstodo

Look what made it into the Choose901 weekender for February 9-11! Our Made with LOVE in Memphis show! It is only one of many cool things going on, so come check us out and then spread the love around... See you there.

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Crafting at Green Acres

craft DIY metalmuseum outdoors recreation resin thingstodo

Sometimes I housesit at what I call Green Acres, which is my parents' land. Usually when I'm there I spend my time on nature walks with Shelby the dog, refrigerator and pantry diving, watching hours of television, swimming (weather permitting), and doing small projects. I had been thinking a long time about casting a nest in resin after taking a short workshop about it at the National Ornamental Metal Museum , when I used feathers. I wrote about it here. On one of the aforementioned walks I spied a lovely, small, *abandoned*  nest. They are easy to spot in the...

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Dolly Parton!

dollyparton Inspiration nola recreation travel

I celebrated my birthday (as you know) at the Guest House at Graceland. However, for months I had known about a second opportunity to mark the occasion: seeing Dolly Parton in concert in New Orleans. I was hesitant to commit until the very week of because I had just opened the shop about a month prior, but my friend who also celebrates his birthday at the end of November had already bought the tickets. On the floor. How could I say no? After 2 of my favorite musical icons perished in 2016 (RIP David Bowie and Prince), I couldn’t risk...

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Guest House at Graceland

Christmas Elvis graceland guesthouse Inspiration Memphis recreation TCB

This year (as with many of the ones that come as you age) I wasn’t particularly excited about my birthday. I am not a birthday Scrooge or anything, but I did not really want to do much besides hang out with Shelby since I was coming off of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday as a new retailer. That was until a friend suggested we visit the Guest House at Graceland. YES! It has been open just a few months, if that, and has been long awaited in the neighborhood. Now, those of you who read this blog know...

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Big River Crossing

bigrivercrossing bridge Inspiration Memphis mississippiriver recreation

Yesterday I attempted the Big River Crossing for the second time. The first try I had my dog with me, and the mile long grate walkway was just too much for her. She army crawled about 1/8th of the way (which was admirable considering that she jumps over grates on the sidewalk) and when I realized it wasn’t going to get better and stopped, she pulled me right onto solid ground in about a minute. So, this time I decided to go it alone. Alone is actually inaccurate as I saw many people out there. I didn’t know what to...

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