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Thrifting on Summer Avenue

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A friend of mine was waiting on some car repairs and looking for something to do, so I figured it would be a perfect time to check out the thrift stores on Summer Ave. I didn't want to go alone, and I had someone captive, so it worked out for both of us. Plus, it is time to look for some fixtures that I may be able to use in the store. I LOVE estate sales, and general poking around for deals, and junking, so this was FUN to me. Here are a few pics and some information from our exploration...

This was our first stop. It had some of the best pickins of the whole lot. I have a feeling that every time you walk in there you see something different, whether or not it was there before. Make sure to go outdoors, too. There is even. more. stuff.

I see at least 10 things in this picture that I want.

Scooped up these letters for my friend Amanda Talley ( to use in her gallery. It was just too perfect. I'm jealous. They were even having a special deal and I got them 20% off that day! They told me they offer 20% off on Saturday mornings, too. I'll be back.

On to the next stop.

Buried Treasures is an appropriate name for the place. There is so much going on here. I took some notes about what I want to come back for, and I hope I can get to it all! The guy at the front was super friendly and helpful, so I'm sure he will do what he can.

I love this. I don't care if it works or not.

This made me feel like I was at a Radio Shack in the 1980s, something I remember well as a child from the Cabbage Patch generation.

Chip N Dale's was the last stop, and had merchandise that was a little nicer and more along the lines of antiques than the rest we found. I will need to think harder about these purchases, but it was so good to find out. I have seen this place countless times and always wondered. Now I know...


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