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Week 3.5

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I debated not doing a post this week because so much of the work has been behind the scenes: setting up the alarm system, ordering more product, getting insurance, and most of the things I saved for next to last since I didn't really want to do them. However, progress has been made for sure, and that better be the case because I officially open one week from today.

I really should have taken pictures of the spare room so that you could see the difference in having it crammed with work and now, with a large portion of it being moved into the shop. It won't look terribly impressive to you that I have a shelf filled with boxes in the back of my space, but I'll tell you it is much better than being next to the bed where I sleep when people visit from out of town. It was easy to wake up having nightmares of being crushed by boxes. That shouldn't be a problem anymore.

It is really nice that things are finally going in their places. That couldn't be done until the work leading up to this had been finished, so it reinforces that I have been moving according to schedule. I'm pretty close to where I thought I'd be...

I brought Elvis to the shop.

And Shelby to keep me company while waiting for appointments or deliveries.

And to combat some of the boredom during the hurry-up-and-wait phase, I painted a 901 Rock and hid it in the planter outside.

I bought some old wood golf clubs at a shop on Broad for hanging the ties. Pinterest gave me the idea. I like it! Terrible picture, but I do. It should look better when they are full.

A mirror is up on the wall and I brought over a trunk that I have used at pop ups to serve as a display for my baby blankets. I realized immediately that I needed about 4 times the amount that I currently have. Working on that...

I bought these stands for my gift wrap, and placed some of it on the rungs (and ordered a ton more). I'm really excited about being able to offer it year round, because it had been special order for Christmas mainly up until this point.

I made my office look more like an office. Pay no attention to the wires/cords hanging from the ceiling. I'm pretty sure they are harmless.

I also managed to get together a few orders and take a mental health day. All part of it.

I'm looking forward to welcoming all of you (and others) to the shop. River Arts Fest will be a fun time to introduce my shop to the public, but please know you can come anytime!


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