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Week one progress

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I would like to start with just a little piece of advice. If you're ever thinking about painting a room red, please rethink it. Not just for yourself, but for the next person who may want to paint it and will have to prime 2 coats first. In all seriousness, color theory states that red advances toward you, making it very easy to see. That is why stop lights and stop signs, buttons on remotes, warning labels, etc. are red. It gets attention, and for me I wanted my products to get more attention than the walls, so I decided to repaint. Here is a picture of the space cleaned out before I started any work; a beautiful blank red canvas.

First stop: Home Depot. It was all too appropriate that the Coke Zero I picked out of the cooler had this as the song lyric on the label.

Red racing stripes in the back room. You can see that one coat of primer has nothing on this red (and black) paint.

Fortunately, my dad has been waiting for me to have a project like this to work on. He is a psychiatrist with the soul of a handyman.


My hand after the first day. I was very sad (and a little unprepared) since I didn't have any paper towels in the space.

Looking good! And turn the attention downward, where we decided to paint the floors. The finish on the floors was certainly something I could live with, but it made sense to clean up the wear and create more contrast now that my walls are so stark.

Painting floors can be tricky. Definitely made a few mistakes leaving things in the wrong places. I had to do part of it in silence because I couldn't get to my speaker to turn it on without stepping in the paint. Plan ahead.

Outside I have some new planters with fall mums in them. Cannot wait for them to bloom. Each day that I go by I am hopeful that the planters are 1) still there 2) not damaged and 3) haven't been used as trash cans.

Will update again next week. The wallpaper should arrive today, I had a sign consultation last week and I'm hopeful those will be installed soon, and I'm working on fixtures and displays. It's getting there...




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