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Week two progress

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This update will not show the same dramatic transformation of the last post, but lots of progress has been made nonetheless. The main changes at this point are the floor is completely painted gray, the King Cotton wallpaper has been installed on the back walls, and some furniture has been moved in.

I also hung faux boxwood panels on the cash wrap so that it looks almost like a hedge that I'll stand behind. I thought it would be nice to have something with texture and color that wasn't another pattern or something that would detract from the wallpaper.


The windows are off the ground in the front, so I got these pieces (that are actually desks) from Costco that fit pretty much perfectly so that I can put up displays that can be seen better from up higher.


Some chairs are currently being reupholstered in the Okra Damask pattern, and I hopefully will have them in the next week or so for update number 3. Still working on getting the signs how I want them, and now I'm ordering lots of new product. I don't want to say I'm ahead of schedule, because that can change in an instant, but it's not looking impossible that I may open a little bit earlier than the October 21 plan for River Arts Fest...

Got some decorative pumpkins for the window from the Farmer's Market over the weekend. Those that have read the McSweeney's article from several years back know how decorative gourds are irresistible.

The mums are starting to bloom. When I watered them yesterday I noticed someone had put out a cigarette in one of the pots. It could be worse, and probably will get worse, but it was still not my favorite thing to see. Flowerpots are not ashtrays!

Ok. Now that I look back there has been a lot more progress. It's just strange when I see so much happen each day that it's easy to lose sight of how far I've come.

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