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Window dressing

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I know I am new to shop ownership, but one of the things I am most excited about is the dedicated time to craft my windows. Although I may tire of it eventually, right now I am thrilled at the possibilities. I spent the last few days making Thanksgiving (transitioning into holiday) windows, and I thought you might want to see what I did and how I did it.

I used what I had on hand: a roll of brown kraft paper, twine, envelopes, plain white paper, watercolor, fabric scraps, and colored pencils. And lots of tape...

I wanted a fall garland to hang from the windows, so I started with folding brown kraft paper over on itself a few times and then I cut out leaf (like) shapes. It was a happy accident that the paper had been on a roll so the leaves came out a little curled like fallen leaves. Hole punch in the top and thread twine through and you have a garland.

I am most proud of the kraft paper turkey I made. At first I looked at it a little too long and was convinced it didn't look like anything, but then I got some feedback from friends and they assured me that it was good.

I made a form out of old newspaper, then wrapped it in kraft paper, taping all along the bottom. The legs were made the same way and capped in the white fringed paper. I never really understood what that was, but it works. I glued the legs on, but worried it wouldn't be enough to stick, so I used more twine to secure them and hold on the "herbs" (dried Eucalyptus, it was all I had).

Carrots came from cutting this shape out of office envelopes, then rolling them into a cone shape and taping the ends. If you roll them inside out the tension from the folds will hold it open better and give fullness. I used colored pencils to make stalks on paper, then cut them out and taped them on.

Next, I made champagne by hole punching some paper, using the leftover punched out bits AND the paper in a glass with some watercolored paper.

It gives the illusion of bubbles and adds depth.

After confirming the date of Thanksgiving this year, I took a calligraphy pen to cardboard and wrote November 24 on a piece of cardboard. Placing it in this old frame made it a little more festive.

I grabbed a piece of burgundy King Cotton fabric from the scraps bin (all of those pieces are for sale, by the way) and made a few napkins to complete the look. My white pumpkins from the Farmer's Market are thankfully still kickin' after a month because they look great with the scene.

The other window is a subtle nod to things to come with red and green wrapped gifts and, of course, Elvis.



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