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Hi! You wanna be my intern? Do you know someone who might? Are you interested in working for a new lifestyle boutique on South Main in downtown Memphis, TN? We make our own patterns that are Southern-inspired: bacon, cotton, catfish, crawfish, okra, and everything in between. Then we have them manufactured into a variety of things to sell. We’ve been online and wholesale for a few years and have recently opened a retail shop in downtown Memphis. This is where you come in, if you are so inclined. We have this well-received product that we’d like to get to more...

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International Blues Challenge

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  I’ve been paying more attention to what is happening in downtown Memphis, and trying to be a part of it outside of just living and operating a store. In some cases it is as simple as following social media accounts of figures and businesses, and in others it requires more action like researching what different organizations are doing and even attending events in my free time. The latter is much more involved, but certainly worth it. I started thinking about other cities I’ve lived in, and how they honor their musical and culinary arts, among other things. I wondered...

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San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, and Memphis Yes, you read that correctly. If you can’t tell from my posts, I’ve been pretty sweet on Memphis and the things that are happening here these days. The city is getting a lot of attention, and because of that there are opportunities for things to happen that wouldn’t have been feasible 10 years ago. For example, after a trip all the way from Australia to the Czech Republic, France, England, Finland, etc., Amanda Parer’s Intrude came for a spell to the Brooks Museum. You may know it as the...

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Jack Robinson Gallery

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A few weeks ago I attended the South Main Association Christmas party. It was at the Jack Robinson gallery on Front Street, and I had no idea what I was walking into. The party itself was what you might expect: a little mingling, a glass of wine, someone playing piano in the background. What I didn’t know was anything at all about Jack Robinson, and I quickly realized that I needed to learn. A poster on the second floor talks about his life, and you can easily miss it because of all the photographs that command your attention. He was...

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Dolly Parton!

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I celebrated my birthday (as you know) at the Guest House at Graceland. However, for months I had known about a second opportunity to mark the occasion: seeing Dolly Parton in concert in New Orleans. I was hesitant to commit until the very week of because I had just opened the shop about a month prior, but my friend who also celebrates his birthday at the end of November had already bought the tickets. On the floor. How could I say no? After 2 of my favorite musical icons perished in 2016 (RIP David Bowie and Prince), I couldn’t risk...

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