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Grand Opening Party

Amurica makedascookies Memphis memshop Trolleynight

Last night we celebrated the kickoff of the other 2 MEMShops with some special events. I served champagne (eh, sparkling wine) and small bites, Amurica Photobooth popped up outside and took photos for all our guests, Makeda's joined us inside and sold some of their delicious butter cookies, and down the steeet at 510 South Main Eric and Ashley had a DJ and opened their doors for the first time.  It was a great way to close out 2016! Here is a link to the photobooth pics -  Enjoy! See y'all in 2017, and thanks for all your support thus...

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Guest House at Graceland

Christmas Elvis graceland guesthouse Inspiration Memphis recreation TCB

This year (as with many of the ones that come as you age) I wasn’t particularly excited about my birthday. I am not a birthday Scrooge or anything, but I did not really want to do much besides hang out with Shelby since I was coming off of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday as a new retailer. That was until a friend suggested we visit the Guest House at Graceland. YES! It has been open just a few months, if that, and has been long awaited in the neighborhood. Now, those of you who read this blog know...

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Big River Crossing

bigrivercrossing bridge Inspiration Memphis mississippiriver recreation

Yesterday I attempted the Big River Crossing for the second time. The first try I had my dog with me, and the mile long grate walkway was just too much for her. She army crawled about 1/8th of the way (which was admirable considering that she jumps over grates on the sidewalk) and when I realized it wasn’t going to get better and stopped, she pulled me right onto solid ground in about a minute. So, this time I decided to go it alone. Alone is actually inaccurate as I saw many people out there. I didn’t know what to...

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Window dressing

craft DIY downtownmemphis Elvis Inspiration Memphis memshop southmain store TCB upcycle

I know I am new to shop ownership, but one of the things I am most excited about is the dedicated time to craft my windows. Although I may tire of it eventually, right now I am thrilled at the possibilities. I spent the last few days making Thanksgiving (transitioning into holiday) windows, and I thought you might want to see what I did and how I did it. I used what I had on hand: a roll of brown kraft paper, twine, envelopes, plain white paper, watercolor, fabric scraps, and colored pencils. And lots of tape... I wanted a...

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Before and after!

antiques downtownmemphis Memphis memshop southmain store

Hello all! I kept one of my promises: I opened on October 21 for River Arts Fest. The one that fell away was posting weekly about progress, but things started moving so fast near the end that there was no time. The photo on the left was taken September 16, 2016 and the one on the right was taken October 21, 2016. That's exactly 5 weeks to make this total transformation and open the doors. See more photos below, or come visit me! Also, coming soon I will have a Google Business View visible online. It is like Streetview but...

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