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Week 3.5

901rocks DIY downtownmemphis Elvis Memphis memshop riverartsfest shelbythedog southmain store TCB upcycle

I debated not doing a post this week because so much of the work has been behind the scenes: setting up the alarm system, ordering more product, getting insurance, and most of the things I saved for next to last since I didn't really want to do them. However, progress has been made for sure, and that better be the case because I officially open one week from today. I really should have taken pictures of the spare room so that you could see the difference in having it crammed with work and now, with a large portion of it...

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Week two progress

Memphis memphisfarmersmarket memshop riverartsfest southmain store TCB

This update will not show the same dramatic transformation of the last post, but lots of progress has been made nonetheless. The main changes at this point are the floor is completely painted gray, the King Cotton wallpaper has been installed on the back walls, and some furniture has been moved in. I also hung faux boxwood panels on the cash wrap so that it looks almost like a hedge that I'll stand behind. I thought it would be nice to have something with texture and color that wasn't another pattern or something that would detract from the wallpaper.  ...

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CBS Sunday Morning

bow tie CBS CBS Sunday Morning Charles Osgood fan art pocket square

Those of you who know me probably have heard me talk about my love for the show CBS Sunday Morning. This past weekend the long time host Charles Osgood retired. I have really enjoyed his calm voice, dapper accessories, and occasional singing and piano playing. In fact, the only person I would rather hear on Sunday mornings is Morgan Freeman*, but I think he is busy with other projects. CBS put out a call for bow tie and Charles fan art, and I happily obliged. Originally I wrote to ask if I could send him a few bow ties that...

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Week one progress

DIY downtownmemphis memshop southmain store TCB

I would like to start with just a little piece of advice. If you're ever thinking about painting a room red, please rethink it. Not just for yourself, but for the next person who may want to paint it and will have to prime 2 coats first. In all seriousness, color theory states that red advances toward you, making it very easy to see. That is why stop lights and stop signs, buttons on remotes, warning labels, etc. are red. It gets attention, and for me I wanted my products to get more attention than the walls, so I decided...

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Film Row Pop Up

downtownmemphis filmrow memfix memphis memshop popup

Here are a few pictures from the weekend pop up event on Film Row. The newly paved streets look so much better, and I love the brightly-painted crosswalks. The strip has such potential. The vestiges of its time as a movie distribution hub remain in subtle details like Metro Goldwyn Mayer in the pediment above a doorway. I met a lot of lovely people and had a great time. Looking forward to seeing these folks in my shop in the coming weeks.  

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