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Traditional doesn't mean boring. Southern doesn't mean country.

Southern Creed started by accident or fate, depending on how you look at it. Although a graphic designer by degree I had not been working in the field for years, but one day in 2013 made a drawing of snoballs with watercolor touches for fun. I thought if four of them were cute, then dozens of them would be adorable. I drew more, scanned the image, and repeated it to make a pattern. Fabric came to mind...then ribbon...and all the things I could make out of them.

After that first design I thought about all the inspiration I could gather from the South. The next few weeks I made more patterns than any time since. I did bacon, cotton, catfish, poboys, okra, and I kept a list for those I wanted to create in the future. That's when I realized I could have more than a hobby; I could have a business.

Presently there are two total employees if you count the dog, but I am about to open a retail location and I’m excited about offering more choices that cater to people with a sense of humor and an eye for design including, but not limited to, Southerners in general.

You can order directly from the web site or catch us at different trunk shows around Memphis, New Orleans, Oxford, and elsewhere.